Welcome to the home of Burgess Hill Bonfire Society


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WE DID IT!! We put on our night for the good people of Burgess Hill. We saw thousands of you supporting us and chucking money in our collection buckets. For this, we want to thank you! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to carry on putting on our event every year. Keep a look out for our total for the collection and we look forward to seeing you all out again next year!

Welcome to the home of Burgess Hill Bonfire Society, where will try and keep you up to date on all the happenings in the society from the progress leading up to our night and the local events we will be attending along with our very own fundraising socials, which we always welcome friends and families of all ages.

Burgess Hill Bonfire Society is made up of people of all ages and background who all work together to help put on this amazing night for our community, but for us it’s not just one night a year. We work all year round making touches, fire banners and doing the all-important fundraising to raise the money to able to put the event on.

But our bonfire night isn’t all just about the fireworks and sequins we also raise vital funds on our night for local charities that do great work within our local community.

Burgess Hill Town Council do give as much help as possible which we are very grateful for but they can only give so much. I am sure you have all seen us out in our costumes running stalls in town and at local events trying to entice you in with raffles, tombola’s and sponsor a torch. So please don’t just pass us by because if every person in Burgess Hill just donated just £1 it would enough to run our night.

We are always looking for new blood to join our family so if you are interested please contact us alternatively press the facebook button on the bottom of the page to enquire.

It is hard work but we do have a lot of fun doing it! So if you’re looking for chance to help your community or make some new friends and if you like fire & fireworks this is the place for you.

We can only give you a bonfire night filled with amazing costumes, fire poi, fireworks and the all important bonfire with your support. Don’t let this great Burgess Hill tradition perish.



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