Burgess Hill Bonfire Society
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Burgess Hill Bonfire Night

Burgess Hill Bonfire - Saturday 24th September 2016
Welcome to the Burgess Hill Bonfire Society website.


Burgess Hill Bonfire Society is a community based non-profit organisation which is made up with volunteers from and around the Burgess Hill area. Our main goal is to organise and run Burgess Hill bonfire night complete with parade and fireworks. On this night we also collected for selected local charities from and around the Burgess Hill area, to help them keep running and doing their great work. 

This has become one of Burgess Hill’s greatest traditions but we can only keep it going with your help and support. We attend most local events with our little stall so please don’t just pass us by come and show your support for the Society and your community.

We are always looking for new members so if you like fire, fireworks and dressing up and looking to help your local community or just want to make new friends this is the place for you. For information on joining please contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively you can just contact us through the Facebook page.



Anual Dinner Dance 2016

BHBS Badge Night 2016

Burgess Hill Bonfire Society Fundraising


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If your  big online shopper why not go through easy fundraising and raise money for our society at the same time!

It's easy to do just follow the link, sign up and do some shopping




Records show that the first Burgess Hill Bonfire Society was formed in1894. The first celebrations being attended by 170 members and the Bonfire was near the “Constitutional Club”.

The first time events were reported was in 1897. At that time the HQ was the Burgess Hill Inn (recently regaining its original name after being the Top House for many years). Also around that time The Hardware Society was formed with it’s HQ at the Royal George Inn. The Societies both held Celebrations and Annual Dinners but eventually combined and were disbanded with the coming of WW1.


It was in 1969 that the Society was reformed by the efforts of Laurie Parker, a member of Lewes Borough Bonfire Society, and other similar minded people. Since that time there has been Annual Celebrations and (sometimes) Annual Dinners.


At first the Society had no distinct costume but in the early 70s The Cadburys’ Aztec chocolate bar provided the inspiration for the Aztecs which now form the Society’s Pioneer Costume. Later on, to match with other Sussex Bonfire Societies, the Society adopted a Smugglers costume with it’s hooped guernseys being green and black. These being the colours of the town football club. Then a further innovation came into being as Society Wenches took to the streets.


Burgess Hill Bonfire Society is a member of the Association of Sussex Bonfire and Carnival Societies and the Sussex Bonfire Council. Over the years Society efforts have earned them the Fred Hill Trophy for best Dressed Society in Sussex on more than one occasion and they are justly proud of their annual street collection, taken during the Celebrations on the last Saturday of September.


As a recognised part of the Town the Society is also high profile during times other than the September Celebrations .In the past few years they have been essential in getting the Town Beacon lit on Royal occasions, and the Society is pleased to take part in Town days and often supply Marshalls for Town Celebrations.

Although celebrations are in September and not on the 5th of November, Burgess Hill Bonfire Society is very proud to continue saying:


I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot”


Doug Stewart 2016

On Sunday 8th November, Burgess Hill Bonfire Society assisted the Burgess Hill Town Council with their Remembrance Parade. We manned and maintained road blocks.


12189793 10156464290300508 6302086371380336358 n.jpg Marshal

Burgess Hill Bonfire Society will assist at events the best way we can and if you think we can help you at your event; please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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