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    Hi there

    Here at rizk slots, the one question our Halifax-based experienced review team gets asked most of all is: “What is the best on-line casino site for gamers in Canada?”

    As part of our researches, we put together a list of sites dependent on their features – including those specific to Canada – and make sure it’s constantly updated. These include items such as options for toll-free support numbers, enticing welcome bonuses, no cost slots spins, radid payouts and Canada-friendly banking choices.

    Additionally, we also check out offers, top prizes and the selection of features on the leading online casinos to make sure you get an enjoyable experience.

    To guarantee your safety and fun, we keep a blacklist of casino sites that fail to measure up to our tough selection standards. Sites which fall short of our tests for security, software quality, customer-support, finance and reliability will end up on our “naughty list”. There are even some famous names on there too.

    For example, here are just a few of the nastiest offenders from our ”avoid list” which we urge you to not visit under any circumstances.

    From British Columbia to Newfoundland, everyone knows Canada is the world’s number one nation. But it’s also among the top places to be if you’re a gambling fan, and not just because of the great range of quality online gaming sites – each with its own unique range of games providing to its citizens.

    Many of these, such as slots, online poker and blackjack have even developed a dedicated following and communities of Canada-based fans that like to play and discuss the game online.

    It should be no surprise that Canadians also love betting on sports, especially the NHL, and anything hockey related such as Global tournaments, and the CFL.

    Another popular target forinternet-gamers is playing state-run online lottery games!

    What’s you personal experience of online-gaming sites? We’re keen to hear from you so we can improve our selection criteria. For in-depth info just follow the link above.

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